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Agroindustrial Microbiology and Biotechnology Research Group (GIMIBAG)

Minciencias Category: A

Institutionalization date: 2001

Knowledge area: Ciencias de la Salud / imba

Academic programs to which it responds or supports:
Bacteriology / Master's Degree in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology / Master in Ecoengineering / Master's Degree in Agroindustrial Microbiology


Current projects

Projects completed

  1. Removal of organic matter and coliforms through the use of efficient microorganisms in an anaerobic dairy waste treatment plant.
  2. Evaluation of the effect of manganese on ligninases (laccase and manganese peroxidase), fruiting and biological efficiency of the fungus. Ganoderma lucidum.
  3. Study of the removal of organic and pathogenic matter from natural drinking water by means of an advanced CWPO oxidation process (Interinstitutional Project - co-financed by COLCIENCIAS).
  4. Effect of strains of the genus Bacillus on the growth, yield and fruit quality of blackberry (Rubus glaucus).
  5. Development of a traceability methodology for biofertilizers and biocontrollers used in coffee cultivation.
  6. Effect of plant growth-promoting bacteria on the bioprotection of tomato crop against Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici.
  7. Effect of the inoculation of autochthonous strains of the genus Bacillus on plant-microorganism interaction in the rhizosphere of blackberry (Rubus glaucus Benth).
  8. Establishment of a system for monitoring and closing microbiological nonconformities in environments, surfaces and handlers in the deboning and packing area of a meat packing plant in the city of Manizales.
  9. Detection of contaminant sources and establishment of tolerance intervals in the arepa production process.
  10. Establishment of tolerance intervals and preservation conditions to limit the growth of molds in the finished product of an arepa production company.
  11. Study of lulo ripening by exhaustive extraction methods and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry.
  12. Evaluation of the GMP implementation process through the microbiological analysis of the food produced in the UCM cafeteria.
  13. Implementation of the training and hygiene program for food handlers in the cafeteria of the Universidad Católica de Manizales, under good manufacturing practices (Resolution 2674 of 2013).
  14. Effect of storage and stress conditions on the viability of Bifidobacterium animalis microencapsulated and incorporated in fortified instant flour based on plantain (Musa AAB SIMMONDS).
  15. Antibacterial evaluation of an alcoholic extract of Bidens pilosa Linné vs. Helicobacter pylori and food pathogens.
  16. Study of the shelf life of a yellow corn dough for the production of empanadas in the company Maquiempanadas.
  17. Genetic response of the coffee berry borer Hypothenemus hampei (Ferrari) against the biological controller Beauveria bassiana.
  18. Mobile system to support production management with cocoa quality and denomination of origin.
  19. Characterization of genomic regions associated with quantitative traits of yield, plant height, and grain size in Coffea arabica L.
  20. Evaluation of the effect of electrodisinfection on the viability of oocysts of Cryptosporidium parvum in water for food processing.
  21. Evaluation of the potential of emerging conservation technologies in the reduction of Aflatoxin B1 in corn kernels.
  22. Metabolomic study of the volatile fraction and its relationship with antioxidant content in cherry tomato (Solanum spp.) at ripening and postharvest.Solanum spp.) in ripening and postharvest.
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