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The language center of the Universidad Católica de Manizales has a professional and committed team of professors in charge of applying innovative teaching strategies (English, professional English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish for foreigners) through a communicative method that responds to the needs and demands of the world.

For this reason, the UCM Language Center is involved in the process of internationalization that the University is going through, supporting academic and curricular innovations that highlight the use of English as a means to share specific knowledge in UCM classrooms, developing in students global citizenship skills so that they can travel, study, work and live abroad applying what they have learned during their stay at UCM.

In this same sense, there is an interest in welcoming foreigners to study and learn about Colombian culture through the study of Spanish as a foreign language and to participate in the challenges and educational innovations offered by the country. For the Language Center of the Catholic University of Manizales, Spanish for Foreigners (ELE) is a way to expand the idea of internationalization around the world, offering the opportunity to learn about the richness of Latin culture through communicative and interactive classes.

Information and contact

E-mail: dircenid@ucm.edu.co
Contact phone: (6)8933050 Ext. 3281

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