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Research and Innovation Unit

The Research and Innovation Unit works in the constant monitoring of research and innovation activities carried out by research groups and research seedlings in order to identify protectable assets through the different categories of intellectual property. Likewise, an analysis of the level of maturity of the technology (TRL- Technology Readiness Levels), to the products obtained in the research, development and innovation processes, in order to establish the roadmap where actions are defined to carry out the technology transfer with the mechanism that fits the results obtained. In addition, it manages the search for strategic allies with whom it is possible to carry out co-creation processes in order to obtain products adjusted to market needs.

Among its objectives is also the strengthening of the internal and external innovation ecosystem, promoting the development of strategies aimed at identifying real problems of society and that can be solved through constant interaction between state entities, entrepreneurs and universities for the creation of new business models where students are an active part that allows the generation of new companies and thus contribute to the competitive and productive development of the region.

Likewise, the Unit works with strategic areas of the University from where specific lines of innovation are addressed, such as social innovation, educational innovation, process innovation and technological innovation, and from there different initiatives are executed that allow the strengthening of innovation capabilities in all areas of the institution from the strengthening of issues related to the culture of innovation, techniques and tools for the development of creativity and innovation methodologies. 

Alliances and collaborative work with other research-based networks

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