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TV studio

The television studio has consolidated the institutional image of the University among its real and potential clients through the production of high quality audiovisual productions for different public and private entities.

Television | UCM is the space generated by the Catholic University of Manizales that focuses on the realization of audiovisual productions merging video, animation and design, offering services to academia and external media such as institutional videos, commercials, training videos, documentaries, product launches, fiction and video clips.

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Radio studio

The services offered by the UCM Radio Studio are:

  • Production of special programs in different formats: chronicles, reports, interviews, radio magazines, dramatized programs, among others.
  • Consultancy for the creation and development of radio programs.
  • Recording and/or copying of sound texts.
  • Research and development of scripts.
  • Production of radio spots.
  • Internship service for some academic programs of the Universidad Católica de Manizales.
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