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Specialization in Branding and Strategic Communication

Price $2.857.100 por trimestre

Duration 4 trimestres (2 semestres)

Degree: Especialista en Branding y Comunicación Estratégica

Mode: Virtual

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SNIES: 104915

003433 del 28 de febrero de 2023 por 7 años

Faculty of Social Sciences, Humanities and Theology

Nivel de formación: Posgrados

Admission: Every Semester

The UCM Specialization in Branding and Strategic Communication is a response to national and international trends in advertising in which the need to deepen in advertising communication processes for brand building and branding as axes that articulate the strategic communication in the field of advertising is evident. 

Aware of this need, UCM proposes this Specialization as a high-level qualification alternative for advertisers and professionals in related areas interested in deepening their skills to analyze market contexts and build advertising messages that contribute to the national, regional and local development of organizations.




Trimestre 1

Communication Theories and Models

3 Credits

Elective 1

2 Credits

UCM Identity

1 Credit

Trimestre 2


3 Credits

Research I

2 Credits

Trimestre 3

Strategic Communication

3 Credits

Creative Thinking and Innovation

3 Credits

Trimestre 4

Designing Social Innovation for Sustainable Development

2 Credits

Brands and Digital Scenarios

3 Credits

Research II

3 Credits


Alejandra Osorio Osorio

Magíster en Humanidades: Arte, Literatura y Cultura Contemporánea

Ana María Álvarez Jaramillo

Especialista en Gerencia de la Comunicación Corporativa

Ana María Fayad Alzate

Magíster en Desarrollo Sostenible y Medio Ambiente.

Andrea Acosta Rodríguez

Magíster en Estudios del Comportamiento

Camilo Ríos Cardona

Magíster en Creatividad e Innovación en las Organizaciones

César Castiblanco Laurada

Magíster en Dirección de Comunicación Empresarial e Institucional

David Díez Gómez

Doctor en Ingeniería, Industria y Organizaciones

Julián Hernández Trujillo

Magíster en Literatura Colombiana y Latinoamericana

Juliana Díaz Ospina

Magíster en Comunicación Digital

Laura Bejar

Especialista en Comunicación Corporativa

Norman David García Ríos

Especialista en Branding y Comunicación Estratégica

Why this program at UCM?

The Specialization in Branding and Strategic Communication is your opportunity to consolidate your knowledge to generate positioning, sustainability, competitiveness and permanence of organizations in the market. Being a UCM Specialist will give you the opportunity to develop your skills to create strategic and innovative plans that strengthen the attributes and values of products, goods and services, promoting the economic and social development of the region and the country. Another aspect that stands out in the Specialization is its research approach as a transversal and articulating axis, through which different authors, disciplines and positions dialogue, based on ethics, truthfulness and scientific rigor to enhance the capacity for critical, analytical and reflective thinking in the face of the needs of organizations and the market. The program is based on UCM's tradition in the field of advertising and an interdisciplinary faculty that combines academic knowledge with business practice and experience, guaranteeing conceptual, theoretical and methodological soundness.

+ High Quality University
+ High employability rate
+ Modelo Pedagógico Personalizante y Liberador
+ Financing facilities
+ National and International Mobility

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