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Specialization in Branding and Strategic Communication

Price $2.857.100 por trimestre

Duration 4 trimestres (2 semestres)

Degree: Especialista en Branding y Comunicación Estratégica

Mode: Virtual

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SNIES: 104915

003433 del 28 de febrero de 2023 por 7 años

Faculty of Social Sciences, Humanities and Theology

Nivel de formación: Posgrados

Admission: Every Semester

Mac Room

The "Mac" system room is a place where theory and practice converge and is available for the students of the program to carry out their work in fixed, mobile and interactive graphics with the best technological conditions available. This room is fully licensed by Adobe.

Radio Studio

This academic stage is equipped with professional sound recording studio equipment. This space has a soundproof recording booth for up to 8 simultaneous participants and an editing booth. 

Our Radio Studio also has an on-demand content platform which is hosted in the following spaces:

Television and photography studio

In this space it is possible for advertising students to learn everything related to the production of photographic and audiovisual pieces, enhance their creativity and develop skills necessary for the realization of advertising products according to their profession and the advertising market. The studio is equipped with photography, lighting, sound and video equipment, typical of the advertising industry.

Tutoring Room and Independent Work

Designed as an adequate space for students to clarify doubts with their professors, about the different academic works of their academic activity. The space is equipped with state-of-the-art technological equipment with its respective licensed software.

Library Hna. Josefina Núñez Gómez

The "Hna. Josefina Núñez Gómez" Library of the Universidad Católica de Manizales seeks to support the university community with information and knowledge resources, therefore, its services respond to the needs of students, graduates, professors, researchers and institutional support staff, to contribute to the best performance of their student or professional activity.

The library is a learning resource center and is a support unit for UCM's academic programs, which belongs to the Academic Vice Rector's Office. Learn more about the UCM Library here: https://ucm.edu.co/biblioteca/

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