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Master in Ecoengineering

Price $8.761.500

Offered in: Manizales

Duration 4 semestres

Degree: Magíster en Ecoingeniería

Mode: On-site

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SNIES: 109780

000064 del 4 de enero de 2021 por 7 años

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

Nivel de formación: Posgrados

Admission: Every Semester

Graduate Profile

The Master's Degree in Ecoengineering of the UCM has an integral formation based on the philosophy, principles and values of the UCM. 

You will be able to:

  • Act with socio-environmental responsibility in professional practice, contributing to the sustainability of organizations and territories.
  • Identify environmental aspects in organizations, applying the life cycle perspective of processes, goods and services.
  • Analyze the environmental impacts generated in the different phases of the life cycle. 
  • Analyze ecological footprints and propose solutions to environmental problems generated in the life cycle of goods and services, through scientific and technological research applying principles of engineering, ecology, environmental management and circular economy, for the prevention, minimization and control of negative environmental impacts and sustainable use of natural resources.

Social contribution of the program

The global environmental crisis demands professionals with the ability to measure ecological footprints throughout the life cycle of products and services, and to propose alternatives that promote the circular economy.

The master's degree in Ecoengineering is focused on offering postgraduate level training in these fields, as a need of the region and the country, responding to different policies, strategies and national environmental plans such as the National Policy for Sustainable Production and Consumption, the National Strategy for Circular Economy, the Colombian Low Carbon Development Strategy, the Strategy for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and the National Green Business Plan, generating actions to slow down climate change and the unsustainable use of natural resources, promoting the sustainability of organizations and territories.

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