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Master's Degree in Global Change and Disaster Risk

Price $8.761.500. Valor con descuento del 15%= $7.450.450*

Offered in: Manizales

Duration 4 semestres

Degree: Magíster en Cambios Globales y Riesgo de Desastres

Mode: On-site

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SNIES: 109781

000077 04 ENE 2021 por 7 años

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

Nivel de formación: Posgrados

Admission: Every Semester

The Master's Degree in Global Changes and Disaster Risk studies the global, natural and anthropic factors that influence the generation of current and future risk scenarios, from a systemic, holistic and complex approach that allows contributing to Sustainable Development.


*Note: El descuento aplica para matrícula de estudiantes que inician en 2024-2 y comprende los 4 semestres que dura el proceso formativo.

Face-to-face meeting every month | Viernes, sábado y domingo. 



Semester 1

Theoretical Foundation of Disaster Risk

2 Credits

Risk Assessment

2 Credits

Geographic Information Technology

2 Credits

Disaster risk management policies and regulations

2 Credits

Research I

2 Credits

UCM Identity

1 Credit

Semester 2

Environmental-Ecosystemic and Economic-Productive Changes

3 Credits

Territorial Planning and Disaster Risk

2 Credits

Statistical Techniques and Data Analysis

2 Credits

Justice, Peace and Development

1 Credit

Research II

3 Credits

Semester 3

Geopolitical-Institutional and Socio-Cultural Changes

3 Credits

Disaster Risk Management and Governance

2 Credits

Elective I

2 Credits

Research III

4 Credits

Semester 4

Sustainable development and complex environmental thinking

2 Credits

Sociology, participation and communication in disaster risks.

2 Credits

Elective II

2 Credits

Research IV

5 Créditos


María Nancy Marín Olaya

Director de programa

Magíster en Educación desde la Diversidad

Diego Armando Rivera Gutiérrez

Magíster en Cambios Globales y Riesgo de Desastres

Fáber Mosquera Álvarez

Magíster en Administración de Empresas.

Jhon Makario Londoño Bonilla

Doctor en Geofísica.

José Helio López Soto

Magíster en Educación.

Linda Guiomar Zilbert Soto

Consultora del Roster de Expertos del Buró de Prevención de Crisis y Recuperación del Programa de Naciones Unidas

Rogelio Pineda Murillo

Doctor en Geografía

Why this program at UCM?

The Master's Degree in Global Changes and Disaster Risk is an academic program of national and international importance that arises as a response to the permanent need for the preservation of life on planet Earth under favorable conditions of existence, from the approach of sustainable development and the recognition of the effects generated by global changes in its dimensions: natural and socio-natural, starting from the identification in the global context of all those phenomena that represent milestones for the planet for its role in the generation of risks and disasters, to understand how they occur, how they act and what may be the solutions to address them.

+ High Quality University
+ High employability rate
+ Modelo Pedagógico Personalizante y Liberador
+ Financing facilities
+ National and International Mobility

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