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Degree in Natural Sciences and Environmental Education

Offered in: Manizales

Duration 8 semestres

Degree: Licenciado en Ciencias Naturales y Educación Ambiental

Mode: Distance

This program no longer admits students

SNIES: 103875

20335 del 28 de noviembre de 2014 por 7 años

Faculty of Education

Level of education: Career - Undergraduate program

Admission: Every Semester

Graduate Profile

Believe in your vocation to transform the lives of others through teaching!

As a graduate of UCM's Bachelor's Degree in Natural Sciences and Environmental Education, you will have the skills to teach in these areas of knowledge, designing and implementing pedagogical strategies that promote and encourage learning activities. You will be able to design, develop and evaluate relevant and flexible curricula that respond to the needs of the context.

As a UCM graduate you will be able to formulate and develop research projects, design strategies framed in the new educational trends, especially in the areas of biology, physics and chemistry. Likewise, your training will allow you to develop and implement laboratory practices that lead to the optimal use of resources.

Areas in which you can work:

  1. Basic and secondary education institutions, public or private, as a teacher.
  2. Institutions for labor and human development.
  3. Institutions of higher education in related programs.


The Bachelor's Degree in Natural Sciences and Environmental Education is designed so that from the first semester you have an approach to educational contexts, face the basic realities of teaching, develop your professional profile and analyze, interpret and propose transformations in the school environment. For this reason, during each semester you will carry out a process of pedagogical practice that will allow you to diagnose, contextualize, propose, develop and implement learning environments that provide knowledge of natural sciences and environmental education, and help the development of education in the country.

In which sectors will you be able to do your internship?

Public or private basic education institutions in the city, region or country.

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