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Specialization in Applied Statistics

Price $6.387.400. Valor con descuento del 15%= $5.432.450*

Offered in: Manizales, Popayán

Duration 2 semestres

Degree: Especialista en Estadística Aplicada

Mode: Distance

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SNIES: 110034

005598 del 30 de marzo de 2021 por 7 años

Faculty of Education

Nivel de formación: Posgrados

Admission: Every Semester

Graduate Profile

The graduate of the Specialization in Applied Statistics will be able to identify opportunities for improvement in the processing and interpretation of statistical information, to optimize processes or provide solutions to problems specific to their profession. Organize, model and present results resulting from the analysis of data from different sources; for ethical and responsible decision making, individually or participating in interdisciplinary work groups.

Social contribution of the program

The Specialization in Applied Statistics program contributes to society by training specialists with a deep sense of social responsibility in the treatment of data and information, an input for decision making in organizations.

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