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Government Agencies

These are those that define institutional policies and make decisions regarding academia and administration, in accordance with the University's Mission, within the legal framework of the Statutes and Regulations. The governing bodies are: the Superior Council, the Rector's Office, the Rector's Council, the Academic Council and the Faculty Councils.

Management Agencies

They are in charge of executing the institutional guidelines, policies and plans defined by the University. These are the Vice Rector's Offices, the Dean's Offices, and the Academic and Administrative Departments.

Control Agencies

They are those that regulate and control the management of the governing and management bodies. Control agencies are: the Statutory Auditor's Office and the Internal Audit. 

Consultants Agencies

They are responsible for supporting the actions of the governing and management bodies. The following are advisory bodies: the Legal Counsel's Office, the Academic Counsel's Office and the Institutional Commissions.

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