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Master's Degree in Education

Price $6.101.900

Offered in: Manizales

Duration 4 semestres

Degree: Magíster en Educación

Mode: On-site

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SNIES: 9294

Acreditación de Alta Calidad Resolución N. 021361 del 11 de noviembre de 2020 por 6 años

Faculty of Education

Nivel de formación: Posgrados

Admission: Every Semester

Esta maestría tiene el reconocimiento de la AUIP:
Mención de Honor a la Calidad del Postgrado y el Doctorado en Iberoamérica otorgada por la AUIP en 2022.

The Master's Degree in Education of the Universidad Católica de Manizales is a graduate program, designed for the training of researchers in the area of education according to the conditions of formulation, design and development, which give it a horizon of training, research and social projection with academic quality and relevance. The Master's Degree in Education seeks the development of scientific competencies and advanced training in research.


4 face-to-face meetings per semester | Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. | Saturday 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. | Sunday 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.



Semester 1

UCM Identity

1 Credit

Theories and Trends in Education

3 Credits

Education, Critical and Complex Thinking

2 Credits

Socio-educational Research

2 Credits

Lines of Research Seminar

3 Credits

Laboratory in Education I

1 Credit

Semester 2

Education, Pedagogy and Curriculum

2 Credits

Education and Human Development

2 Credits

Emerging Research Methods in Education

3 Credits

Laboratory in Education II

1 Credit

Research Line Seminar II

3 Credits

Social and Political Context

2 Credits

Semester 3

Innovation and Educational Quality

3 Credits

Lines of Research Seminar III

4 Credits

Laboratory in Education III

1 Credit

Elective I

2 Credits

Semester 4

Knowledge Management in Education

3 Credits

Lines of Research Seminar IV

4 Credits

Education Laboratory IV

1 Credit

Elective II

2 Credits


Martha Isabel Gutiérrez Ospina

Director de programa

Magíster en Educación y Desarrollo Humano

Alejandro Jaramillo Arenas

Magíster en Educación y Docencia.

Ángel Andrés López Trujillo

Magíster en Educación.

Camilo Ernesto Lozano Rivera

PosDoctorado en Estudios Avanzados en Desigualdades y Desarrollo Sostenible

Diana Clemencia Sánchez Giraldo

Doctora en Educación

Didier Andrés Ospina Osorio

Doctor Interinstitucional en Educación.

Hedilberto Granados López

Magíster en Educación.

Jorge Eliécer Rivera Franco

Doctor en Educación.

Juan Carlos Palacio Bernal

Doctor en Educación.

Juan Manuel Torres Serrano

Doctor en Teología

Lina Rosa Parra Bernal

Doctora en Educación.

Mauricio Orozco Vallejo

Magíster en Educación y Desarrollo Humano.

Rodrigo Peláez

Magíster en Educación.

Samuel Patiño Agudelo

Doctor en Políticas Educativas.

Sandra Bibiana Burgos Laitón

Magíster en Educación.

Sulay Rocio Echeverry Mejia

Magíster en Educación y Desarrollo Comunitario.

Why this program at UCM?

The field of study of education has become of great interest to individuals, companies, regions and governments today. Therefore, it is a master's degree open to all professionals associated with the fields of health, education, engineering, humanities and social sciences, to provide interdisciplinary responses to the educational needs of the region and the country. The Master in Education is a program that opens new possibilities of knowledge in education through research in new knowledge. From research, it brings us closer to the knowledge of new fields, methods and broader research techniques, which help us to walk the educational path between criticism and complexity, order and disorder, diversity and inclusion, linkage and integrality. The Master in Education at UCM is articulated with educational, social and cultural processes at regional and national level, which facilitates interaction with educational communities through the implementation of development projects and consulting in education as a generator of high quality educational processes in the country. The Master's in Education at UCM has at its disposal a team of professionals with doctorates in the field of study, a complete and modern physical infrastructure, according to the academic, scientific and technological requirements for the development of the training of researchers in the field of education. The Master in Education at UCM has strategic alliances with important national and Latin American universities, which facilitates academic exchange, academic mobility of teachers and students, the development of joint research projects and the publication of specialized documents on education in journals and books related to education.
+ High Quality Accredited Program

+ High Quality University
+ High employability rate
+ Modelo Pedagógico Personalizante y Liberador
+ Financing facilities
+ National and International Mobility

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