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Environmental Engineering

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Offered in: Manizales

Duration 10 Semesters

Degree: Ingeniero(a) Ambiental

Mode: On-site

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SNIES: 5000

013238 de julio 17 de 2020 por 6 años

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

Level of education: Career - Undergraduate program

Admission: Every Semester

Laboratories GIS (Geographic Information System)

The GIS laboratory is a space that will allow you to simulate and generate information based on satellite images in order to understand the dynamics of the territories.  

Technological equipment and geographic information software are some of the tools that will help you develop innovative knowledge and confront situations in your professional practice.

Water Quality Laboratory

The Water Quality Laboratory is a space for the development of your academic teaching and research practices related to the physicochemical and microbiological characterization of water. 

Our laboratory has equipment with which you can perform determinations of raw, drinking and waste water such as: BOD, COD, total nitrogen, suspended solids, alkalinity, acidity, among others.

Unit Operations Laboratory

In the Unit Operations laboratory you will learn all about the unit processes involved in the treatment of raw and wastewater. There, you will be trained in the understanding of techniques and treatments that as an engineer you must implement at a social and industrial level to obtain quality water in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Laboratory

The Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics laboratory will help you understand the behavior of fluids, as its equipment to determine working models will allow you to understand the differences between fluid mechanics and hydraulics.

A characteristic feature of the laboratory is that it is equipped with a rectangular channel that makes it possible, among other things, to scale up batch tests to continuous systems, which are still a challenge for the engineer of the 21st century.

Physics Laboratory

In the Physics laboratory you will have the possibility to obtain a more practical learning experience, since this UCM space has equipment and instruments that will allow you to understand the principles and characteristics that govern physics. 

There, you will be able to learn about different fields such as: Fundamental Physics, Mechanics, Wave and Electromagnetic Physics.

Chemistry Laboratory

The Chemistry laboratory is a space that seeks the development of the scientific spirit, giving you the opportunity to observe, experiment and explore the nature of science, applying methods and knowledge in the different laboratory practices.

Biological Sciences Laboratory

In the Biological Sciences laboratory you will learn about the biological phenomena that occur in living beings in a practical way. In this space you can carry out and observe activities such as: Microscopy, cellular transport mechanisms, microbial diversity, identification of mitosis phases, biomolecules and DNA isolation.

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