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Pedagogy Program for Undergraduate Professionals

Price $1.700.000

Mode: On-site

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Faculty of Education

Level of education: Courses, diplomas and others

Target audience:
Profesionales de cualquier área de conocimiento que no sean
Licenciados y que aspiren a carrera docente en el Magisterio.


Hourly intensity:
480 hours, 240 classroom hours - 240 hours of independent work


Contemporary dynamics increasingly demand that individuals commit themselves permanently to personal and professional growth, which implies the permanent development of competencies. In this sense, education professionals are not exempt from these demands, which makes it necessary for them to be constantly updated. Particularly professionals from other fields of knowledge who are not graduates, who enter the educational system, need to take a training program that allows them to nurture and strengthen their competencies to respond effectively to the demands of the educational and pedagogical context in which they will develop their professional activities.

Within the framework of the current regulations in education, Law 115/94, in particular Law Decree 1278 of 2002 (statute of teacher professionalization) in its Article No. 3, defines the professionals of different disciplines, may aspire and access the teaching career. To this end, it is determined that such professionals must take a pedagogy program regulated in decree 2035 of June 2005 or, failing that, take a postgraduate course in education.



Module 1

Education, Pedagogy and Context Module

Module 2

Pedagogic Projects and Mediations Module

Module 3

Learning Theories Module

Module 4

Contemporary Educational Trends Module

Module 5

Educational and Pedagogical Evaluation Module

Module 6

Approaches and Curriculum Design Module


Martha Isabel Gutiérrez Ospina

Magíster en Educación y Desarrollo Humano

Why this program at UCM?

Este programa ofrece una formación integral en metodologías educativas, gestión del aula y desarrollo de currículos, permitiendo a los profesionales adquirir las competencias necesarias para destacarse en el ámbito educativo. "Somos una de las universidades del país autorizada por el MEN para llevarlo a cabo, según previo cumplimiento de los requisitos establecidos en el Decreto 2035 de 2005".

+ High Quality University
+ High employability rate
+ Modelo Pedagógico Personalizante y Liberador
+ Financing facilities
+ National and International Mobility

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