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Nursing Research Group (Grien)

Minciencias Category: B

Knowledge area: Health Sciences

Academic programs to which it responds or supports:


The GRIEN group aims to generate and strengthen a theoretical tradition around the object of study of nursing and its multiple applications. It also contributes epistemic, scientific and methodological elements to the ongoing discussion of the curriculum of the UCM program.

The work carried out by the Group has made it possible to make contributions to the practice of care and health services in different fields of action in order to respond objectively to disciplinary problems and to the generation of pertinent intervention actions aimed at preserving health and preventing or controlling diseases with the objective of providing safe and quality care.


  1. To construct socially relevant knowledge about the object of study of nursing: the care of health and human life. 
  2. Fortalecer la teoría alrededor de la enfermería y las aplicaciones en torno al cuidado en el curso de vida. 
  3. To provide evidence-based elements for ongoing discussion of the Nursing program curriculum.
  4. Promote the use of scientific evidence in the practice of nursing care among students and professors of the nursing program.
  5. Promote the national and international visibility of the products developed through the research lines.


Claudia Liliana Valencia Rico

Líder del Grupo de Investigación

Doctora en Ciencias de la Salud

Jorge Eliecer Rodríguez Marín

Especialista en Cuidado Crítico del Adulto

Paula Andrea Duque

Doctora en Ciencias de la Educación

Sandra Milena Campiño Valderrama

Magíster en Enfermería con énfasis en Gestión Sanitaria.

Yanier Betancur Manrique

Magister en Enfermería en Cuidado Crítico

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