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Diploma in Managerial Leadership: A Commitment to Quality Education

Mode: Virtual

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Faculty of Education

Level of education: Courses, diplomas and others

Rural Educators and Ethnoeducators.

144 hours equivalent to 3 credits

Virtual with ICT-assisted face-to-face attendance

The Universidad Católica de Manizales presents to the Ministry of National Education the diploma course "Managerial leadership, a commitment to educational quality". In the framework of the call to form the bank of institutions offering continuous training for teachers and teachers' managers, 2019 - 2022. In this sense, a training program in educational leadership for school managers is presented, which aims to contribute to the transformation of educational practices, re-signifying the management of institutions, which favors the comprehensive training and learning outcomes of NNJ in the country, as follows The Leadership School for School Managers (EdLDD)

Training program(s) in which it is possible to homologate the academic credits of the Diploma: 

Specialization Program in Educational Management

The 3 academic credits granted by the Diploma are homologated in one of the following academic components of the program:

  • Management of socio-educational projects (I semester)
  • Management, Education and Development (II semester)
  • It can be approved by the two electives of the program: Elective I and Elective II.

Master's Program in Education

The 3 academic credits granted by the Diploma in the academic component: Knowledge management in education are homologated.

Training objectives

To offer a theoretical-practical space that allows the analysis, problematization, reflection, interpretation, conceptualization and understanding of the leadership practices of teachers' directors, in the perspective of the resignification of the management of preschool, elementary and middle school educational institutions, of the continuous improvement of the pedagogical and educational processes that promote the integral development and learning results in the children and youth linked to them.

Contribute to the training of teaching managers in management, academic, administrative-financial and community management processes;
for the development of harmonious transition practices for initial education, early childhood and transition to higher education.

Promote the leadership of teachers as agents of change and transformation of the educational institution as a response to the strategic project of the School of Leadership of the Ministry of National Education.

Contribute through pedagogical projects, to the qualification of leadership and management practices of educational institutions in correspondence with the diverse educational, cultural and social contexts that have an impact on them.

Learning outcomes

  • Applies leadership skills in the management of the educational institution, becoming an agent of change.
  • Develops relevant and feasible, inclusive and sustainable projects for management, through technical and analytical tools that enable their validation, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Proposes improvement actions for the management, academic, administrative-financial and community management processes, optimizing resources and involving the institution's members.

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All the country's teaching managers are invited to consult the conditions of participation through the following links:

ICETEX web page:


MEN website:


Contacto Maestro website:


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Module 1

Proyecto de mejoramiento de la gestión

Module 2

Leadership and management of educational institutions

Module 3

Enfoques y estrategias: dimensiones de las prácticas de gestión directiva docente

Module 4

Teacher professional development. Personal and professional performance variables

Module 5

Proyecto pedagógico (transversal)


Martha Isabel Gutiérrez Ospina

Magíster en Educación y Desarrollo Humano

Why this program at UCM?

El diplomado potencia las prácticas de liderazgo directivo en perspectiva de las dimensiones directiva, administrativa y financiera, académica y comunitaria, las cuales tendrán impacto significativo en el mejoramiento continuo a la luz del Proyecto Educativo Institucional PEI, esto posibilita el desarrollo de actitudes de vida en lo personal y profesional.

+ High Quality University
+ High employability rate
+ Modelo Pedagógico Personalizante y Liberador
+ Financing facilities
+ National and International Mobility

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