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Diploma in Pedagogy and Culture

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Faculty of Education

Level of education: Courses, diplomas and others

Target audience:
People dedicated to the cultural fields of dance, music and art in general, who empirically develop artistic activities, recognized in the folklore of the region and the country and who need to base their knowledge and practices.


Hourly intensity:
96 hours


The Diploma in Pedagogy and Culture is conceived as a space for theoretical and practical training aimed at the cultural educators of the Municipality of Puerto Tejada - Institute of Culture and Tourism- IMCYT, who need to recognize the manifestations of dance and music in the context of the history of universal art and the indigenous and contemporary trends, typical of the cultural tradition and identity of the people.

This space is conceived as an enrichment to the development of the aesthetic sensibility of the region's natural artists, from the bases of social pedagogy, with a liberating approach that contributes to coexistence and the construction of peace in the regions.



Unit 1

History of Art and Culture

Unit 2

Territory of Artistic Expressions

Unit 3

Dance Didactics

Unit 4

Andean Music

Unit 5

Notions of Critical Pedagogy From The Colombian Sociocultural Approach and Its Characterization


Gustavo Arias Arteaga

Doctor en Fundamentos de la Educación

Why this program at UCM?

Este programa te ofrece una comprensión profunda de las teorías educativas y las prácticas culturales, preparándote para enfrentar los desafíos del mundo educativo contemporáneo. Te permite desarrollar habilidades críticas y creativas esenciales para diseñar e implementar estrategias pedagógicas innovadoras. Se concibe como un espacio de formación teórico-práctico dirigido a gestores culturales que requieran conocer las manifestacones de la danza y la música en el marco del arte universal.

+ High Quality University
+ High employability rate
+ Modelo Pedagógico Personalizante y Liberador
+ Financing facilities
+ National and International Mobility

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