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Diploma in Qualification of loss of labor capacity and origin

Mode: On-site

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Faculty of Health Sciences

Level of education: Courses, diplomas and others

Target audience:

Occupational physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, occupational nurses, occupational psychologists, lawyers.

Hourly intensity:

167 horas



The diploma course has been designed to respond to the needs of deepening the training of the specialist in Occupational Safety and Health, for graduates not only from UCM, but also from other universities, since this content, due to the interdisciplinary nature of the postgraduate courses, does not reach to be developed in a complete way. The Diploma in Qualification of Loss of Labor Capacity and of Origin, has a labor and social scope, where the determinants of health management are evaluated from the levels of secondary and tertiary prevention and the application is made not only of the current regulations, but of the various references of analysis of capacity and damage assessment for the study of the origin of the disease and qualification of loss of labor capacity.



Module 1

Identify the concepts of health, illness and loss and apply them in the qualification process.

Module 2

To know the qualifying principles of the origin of the disease and the loss of working capacity of people after an illness or accident.

Module 3

Appreciate the importance of identifying the relationship between health - illness - ability to work


Alejandra María Garay Salamanca

Magíster en Salud Ocupacional.

Why this program at UCM?

Este programa es ideal para profesionales de la salud, la medicina laboral y la gestión de riesgos, ya que proporciona herramientas esenciales para realizar diagnósticos acertados y tomar decisiones informadas. Además, con la creciente demanda de expertos en este campo, obtener este diplomado puede mejorar significativamente tus oportunidades laborales y posicionarte como un referente en el sector. No pierdas la oportunidad de especializarte y contribuir al bienestar de los trabajadores y al desarrollo de entornos laborales más seguros y justos.

+ High Quality University
+ High employability rate
+ Modelo Pedagógico Personalizante y Liberador
+ Financing facilities
+ National and International Mobility

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