Religious Community

UCM Identity

Catholic University of Manizales history is rooted in the act of the Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin. Marie Poussepin founded this Congregation in 1696 in a small village called Sainville, located in the south of France, which was devastated by the depression of hunger and the ignorance caused by war.

Marie Poussepin was born in the XVII century. Her personal Charisma was charity, which she defined as ‘The love for God and for your neighbor’. Marie Poussepin was talented to respond to the needs of her time, while being able to read the signs of times and to find in them the Voice of God who called her to spread the charisma she received as a gift from God, as a service to be given to her brothers, the world and the church.

Over the course of these three hundred years, the congregation, which is loyal to the Charisma of Marie Poussepin, is found nowadays in 36 countries and 4 continents and spreads the “knowledge of Christ and his mysteries” through two strong lines that set the perspective of its proceeding: Education and health.
In the educational field, the congregation is present around the world through works ranging from small schools through the only University of the Congregation across the world, The Catholic University of Manizales, founded by Sister Matilde Robledo on February 1954.