Master in Knowledge Management in Education

Degree: Master in Knowledge Management in Education Tuition: COP 5,425,100
Level of education: Master - Semesters: 4 - Distance Places: Manizales - Popayán (Cauca). Face to face sessions: friday and Saturday once a month.

20854 on 4/12/2014 - Exp.: 4/12/2021 - SNIES: 104023

The academic proposal of the Master’s degree in Knowledge Management in Education views research as a curricular and pedagogical opportunity to foster high-level advanced educational processes, based on the recognition, study and appropriation of relevant and contextualized problems in the organizational and educational field. Being a major education program, it recognizes the importance of research training allocating 44% of the curriculum for the promotion of research and the development of research proposals (20 credits).

The research in this master program measures the teachers’ training in contexts of application in different regions of Colombia and articulates the action of Education and Training educators (EFE) and ALFA research groups with their lines of research. These lines are teaching practices and training; Education, Innovation and ICT; Didactics of Sciences and Mathematics (EFE); Education and Democracy; Education and Development; Education, Pedagogy and Curriculum; Education and Subjectivity (ALFA).

This investigative dynamic implies dialogues between theory and practice in an interdisciplinary way with an innovative and transformative sense, to give an account on how the bonds of education are read, interpreted, signified and transformed in real contexts, from a knowledge management perspective.