Master in Humanities and Theology

Degree: Master in Humanities and Theology Tuition: COP 5,425,100
Level of education: Master - Semesters: 4 - On Site - Place: Manizales. Face to face sessions: Friday to Sunday every 15 days.

Res. 21909 on 22/11/2016 - Exp.: 22/11/2023 - SNIES: 106021

The Master in Humanities and Theology is a graduate program is presented as a process of generation, transfer, appropriation and application of inter and trans-disciplinary knowledge between the fields of human and theological sciences.

This Master’s degree offers elements that allow students to delve into the different opportunities to face the question regarding the man and to place it in a dialog with the answer of the Christian faith in order to construct dialectically an increasingly assertive vision for the solution of the problems of man and his context.

The Master in Humanities and Theology is interested in the topics of contemporary men for their potential in human development and their transcendence. This program turns to research and reveal the deceptive parts of globalization, of knowledge society, of network society, to give way to a more collected reading of the human dimension from the needs of man and suggest new qualitative domains underlying the transcendence of his humanity, in order to consequently achieve new competency-based learning to address the contingencies of the environment and manage emotions, ethical and moral relationships.

The purposes of education, the proposed competencies, the planned curriculum and the research interests in the Master of Humanities and Theology are nourished by the socio-cultural approach, where they have a strong presence to build new epistemological references that are a help in the resignification of our culture.