Master in Agro-Industrial Microbiology

Degree: Master in Agro-Industrial Microbiology Tuition: COP 6,939,900
Level of education: Master - Semesters: 4 - On Site - Place: Manizales. Face to face sessions: Friday and Saturday every 15 days, occasionally on Sundays.

Res. 2929 on 22/02/2018 - Exp.: 22/02/2023 - SNIES: 91325

The Master in Agro-industrial Microbiology focuses its knowledge interest on the evaluation of the potential of microorganisms in agro-industrial processes, its interdisciplinary nature demands knowledge and state-of-the-art technologies, derived from the scientific advances related to these fields of knowledge.

The curricular structure of the program includes the updating and investigation of phenomena related to the following aspects:

The approach of these phenomena requires scientific foundation, application of technology, integration of theories and methods from different areas such as microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, statistics, and mathematics, for the adequate understanding of the object of study.