International students

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for Colombian or foreign students graduated abroad: Undergraduate programs

Foreign high school graduates

Colombian citizens, obtaining a secondary school studies certificate abroad and who wish to continue their studies in Colombia, should request the validation of their secondary school studies developed abroad at the MEN This procedure consists on the duly legalization of the secondary school studies certificate issued in a foreign country. This is an essential requirement to develop university studies in Colombia.

This requirement is held in the following Colombian Nation Standards:

Decree 921, May 06-1994- Under Resolution 631 of 1977- Resolution 6751 of 1977-Resolution 2985 of 1993.

The Procedure

This procedure is done at the MEN’s Legal Office, which is located at the second floor of the Ministry of Education, office 220 PBX: 2222800 phone ext. 1210. The procedure takes between 20 to 25 days and the following documents must be submitted:

  1. Secondary school studies graduation certificate.
  2. International Examination results or International baccalaureate certificate included in the application process.
  3. The scholastic aptitude test taken in the country where the applicant developed his secondary school studies (equivalent to the Colombian Scholastic Aptitude Test Pruebas Saber)

*In the case of being part of the Hague Agreement 1961. This procedure must be done through diplomatic channels, by following these steps:

Essential requirements for foreign students

Admission Requirements for Foreign Students: Graduate Programs


*In the case of coming from a country, which is not part of the Hague agreement of 1961, it must be done through diplomatic channels considering the following steps:


  1. Positioning of seals and signatures acknowledging the title given by the supervising authority who regulates the educational activity in the country granting the title.
  2. Positioning of acknowledging seals and signatures provided by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where the institution granting the title belongs to.
  3. Authentication of documents given by the Colombian consul or diplomatic agent in the foreign country.


Process to obtain a temporal or exchange student visa in Colombia

Link of Ministry of Foreign Affairs to process the Temporal or exchange student visa: click here.


Admission form for foreign students

Download here the application form for foreign students. Once it is filled out and signed, please send it to